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Upcoming Events

Doubleplus: Kayla Hamilton + Jerron Herman (I’ll be performing with Kayla Hamilton.)
November 29th-December 1st @ 8PM
The Theater: Gibney 280 Broadway
Curated by Alice Shepard
Tickets: $15-20

Kayla Hamilton
Nearly Sighted/unearthing the dark
Nearly Sighted/unearthing the dark will explore the stories of disabled Black bodies throughout history and how their legacies extend far beyond time, colorlines, ability, and sexuality to bridge and impact intersectional discourses on said topics today. This movement exploration is a multi-sensory experience for the audience that delves deep into questions of what it means to see and be seen—as well as from whose lens we are doing the viewing. How does hearing and the idea of listening contrast with what is actually being heard; how is taste felt, while exploring the legacies we leave behind.

The accessible entrance for this location is located at 280 Broadway. Please note that this is a shared entrance with the New York City Department of Buildings. To access the elevator, attendees may be asked to provide a valid photo ID and go through building security, including a metal detector.

Requests for reasonable accommodation or for access to the 280 Broadway entrance after 5:00 pm or on the weekend should be made three days in advance by contacting Elyse Desmond at 646.837.6809 (Voice only), or by e-mailing

The Crocus
by Azure D. Osborne-Lee (a staged reading)
Directed by Maybe Burke
December 9th
WP Theater
55 West End Street (entrance on 62nd Street)
New York, NY 10023

More details coming soon!

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