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Upcoming Events


I will be in residence at James Madison University  (JMU)’s Theatre Department from March 27th – 30th.

This residency will culminate in a staged reading of my play “The Beasts of Warren”
on Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 4PM at the Earlynn J. Miller Dance Theatre.

The Forest has grown dangerous and everyone near The Burrow has moved, fled or simply disappeared. Committed to keeping what’s left of their family together, cousins Holl, Dawn, and Kitt choose to stay put with their ailing grandmother. Will they find a way to hide from the menacing forces closing in on their home? Or will they disappear into the night like so many before them?

Free Admission


I’ll be performing in Nearly Sighted/unearthing the dark in I wanna be with you everywhere, organized by Arika, Amalle Dublon, Jerron Herman, Carolyn Lazard, Park McArthur, Alice Sheppard, and Constantina Zavitsanos.

I wanna be with you everywhere is a gathering of, by, and for disabled artists and writers and anyone who wants to get with us for a series of crip meet-ups, performances, readings and other social spaces of surplus, abundance and joy. It refuses policies of individuation and inclusion in favor of (and in the flavor of) whatever disability aesthetics has in bodymind. We won’t know what this is ‘til it shows us, but we do know that disability communities don’t only make art about disability. 😉 (winky face emoticon).

Nearly Sighted/unearthing the dark
Performed by: Azure D. Osborne-Lee, Lamin Leroy Gibba, Nicole Y. McClam, and Kayla Hamilton

This movement exploration is a multi-sensory experience for the audience that delves deep into questions of what it means to see and be seen—as well as from whose lens we are doing the viewing. How does hearing and the idea of listening contrast with what is actually being heard; how is taste felt, while exploring the legacies we leave behind.

April 13, 2019 @ 7:30PM
Performance Space New York
150 First Avenue, Fourth Floor
New York, NY 10009

Tickets – Sliding Scale. Available in advance, or on the door if not sold out. This ticket allows you to attend all the events on Saturday evening

Get in Touch

If you or a friend require a particular form of support/translation not listed here or in the event descriptions, have any access or particular seating requests or would like to reserve an ALS headset or SUBPAC unit, we would love to connect. Email us at by March 28, 2019, to give us time to respond to and accommodate your request.


Performance Space New York is on the 4th floor of the 122 Community Center building, 150 First Avenue at the corner of 9th Street, and is wheelchair accessible with step-free access from First Avenue. Service Animals welcome. Please attend scent free.

Welcome Desk
Open – Thurs 7-11pm, Saturday 6.30-11pm, Sunday 6-11pm

Our 4th floor welcome desk and point people will be present for day-of access requests, including reserving you a seat based on your access needs or showing you where best to sit for ASL and/or CART.


There are ADA, gender non-segregated bathrooms. Please click here to view a full description and images of all available bathrooms You can also watch these videos to find out how to locate our restrooms on the 4th floor and the 5th floor.

Relaxed Environment

The events will take place in a relaxed environment. You will be welcome to come and go as you need to and are welcome to stretch, pace, stim and make noises.

Quiet Space

Open – Thurs 6-11pm, Saturday 6.30-11pm, Sunday 6-11pm

The festival hosts a low-light quiet space on the 4th floor which will have a range of comfortable seating, low light levels, stim materials, lego, ear defenders and ear plugs, and a range of reading and drawing materials. This is a space for anyone who needs to chill out a bit. It’s designed around the needs of autistic people, but everyone is welcome.

Interpretation – ASL & Real-Time Captioning

American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation and Real-Time Captioning will be available based on what is appropriate for each event. See each individual event description for details.

Assisted Listening & Audio Description

Assisted Listening System (ALS) headsets will be available in limited-supply throughout the festival channeling an amplified feed of all performance audio.

Audio Description will be channeled through ALS headsets for all strongly visual performances: NEVE on April 11, all performances on April 13, and Jordan Lord on April 14.

An audio version of the program notes will be available for each performance. All readings will be prefaced with a brief Audio Description from the artist.

Pick up a headset from the 4th floor welcome desk on arrival. They can be reserved in advance, or requested on the day if devices are available.


Some SUBPAC units will be available to use by people who might like to feel the music that’s being heard. Worn like a low-profile backpack or attached to your chair, SUBPACs pulse sound (especially bass) through your body. These can be reserved in advance by contacting or requested at the welcome desk on the day if units are available.

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